Friday, March 12, 2010

February Favourites

Barry M Lg, Benefit Highbeam, Airy Fairy, Born With It and Naked Lunch e/s ( near my wrist)

Long time, no post.....I know, I know I've been a bad blogger *smacks hand*

I thought I would share with you some things that I have been loving from February ( and march as well)

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
This is actually my favourite lip balm that I have ever used. The formulation is like butter (hence the name), it's very moisturizing and I love the colour, it reminds me of Mac's Creme De Nude which is my fave nude lippie :)

A lot of people have slated these lip butters, obviously it didn't live up to their expectations. Personally I love them and it exceeded my expectations, I will definitely repurchase.

Rimmel Airy Fairy Lippie
This colour on it's own is too dark for me but when paired with the Korres Lip Butter, it turns to a really nice pinky/lavender colour. When I say lavender I don't mean Fashion Mews kind of lavender, I mean a nice subtle lavender. Lets just say Fashion Mews and I would not work well as a team...hehe!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lippie in Born With It
A lovely wearable pinky peach colour, I love the formulation, it's very creamy and has great lasting power. Always a plus right!

Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume
My favourite night time scent.... I can't even explain why I love it. Smell it and you will see just how gorgeous it smells :) (Sorry I'm not much help)

Snow Fairy Solid Perfume
Well it smells like snow fairy haha! This has a really good lasting power. I find that if you put this on your wrists and then spray perfume over it, it's like a base so the perfume stays on for longer. I recommend you all purchase this when it's released again.

Mac Naked Lunch e/s
This is my everyday eyeshadow, if i'm ever stuck on what to do I always go for this shade. On me it's a gorgeous peachy beige/gold. Perfect for class and everyday wear.

Benefit Highbeam (Mini Size)
The perfect highlighter. It's not streaky, applies and wears nicely and is a gorgeous peachy highlighter Thumbs up!

Barry M Lipgloss in LE2
I love the colour and the formulation of these lip glosses. When swatched it looks like a bright pink but when on the lips it sheers out loads which makes it really wearable, it also has glitter in it which makes your lips look holographic in a way. It has a gorgeous smell.... to me it smells like Kiwi....Yummy :)

See you on the next post xoxox

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Heart Alicia

So last Sunday I went to go see the adorable Alicia Keys in concert and her supporting acts were Robin Thicke and Melanie Fiona ( A Canadian singer)

They were all amazing and had great
voices! I loved, loved, loved the concert!

Alicia has the nicest voice, she is definitely a natural talent.

Melanie Fiona also has a very natural but strong voice. I think she is gonna be really popular.

Robin Thicke..... Well, well, well this guy can definitely sing and dance. He's very active on stage.

I was able to take some pics but unfortunately they aren't the best! I will steal some from my friends

and pose

Opening of the show

If you ever get the chance to see her....... DO IT! You won't regret it.

Who would you LOVE to see in concert?


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