Saturday, May 23, 2009

You gotta love presents! :)

Hey guys

So I recently turned 19 on the 19th of May. Yes that means presents to show you. Yay! 

It was a really good day and I loved everything I got!

The Vera Wang Princess (100 ml)

This is the Vera Wang gift set. It's a gorgeous perfume and the bottle is soooo pretty. I love it. It's my new favourite perfume. The gift set included A Vera Wang Princess  perfume (100 ml), 
A satiny body lotion, A foamy body polish, 2 samples of the princess perfume and a sample of Vera Wangs Look perfume.

This was the yummy cake my Mum got me! :)

I also got Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume and my parents are also treating me to some makeup in M.A.C. Yay. Style Warrior Collection HERE I COME! 


Your comments make my day! I <3 you all and thankyou!


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