Thursday, October 21, 2010

Style Crush No 1!


I love her hair/music/style/clothing line....Everything! Her style reminds me of a chic festival look! It's relaxed and casual but stylish at the same time. I also love her make's always so natural and flawless.


Who are your style crushes? 
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Ins and Outs!

It`s that time again ladies....
  • I love the fall/autumn season because of the fashions. Layering is a must for fall fashion
  • Candles especially the cinammon scents (reminds me of christmas)
  • One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, I love these shows :-)
  • The Only Way is Essex, this show is so bad it's good! I love how orange Mark is haha. It's kind of like Jersey Shore but with less partying!
  •  X it me or are some of the acts a little strange? Who's you favourite and who should just LEAVE? Haha!
  • Dressing up as a Hoe'd up Britney Spears à la I`m a slave for you for a Pimps & Hoes`s gonna be funny thats for sure!

  • The's getting colder
  • I do love the christmas season but seeing christmas decorations in shops is way toooooo soon for me
  • I'm gonna freeze on Halloween in my costume :-( No bueno
So what are you all loving and hating this month?????


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