Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Time to Fly

So when I heard Nicki Minaj was collaborating with OPI to release her own collection I was very excited because I knew I would love it and boy was I right :)

Originally they hadn't set a date for the collection but just said it would be released January 2012. So as any nail polish lover would, I started looking around the salons the first week of January but no luck....they were no where to be found.

I thought to myself next week it will be out, so I went back to my salon the next week and asked when they would be getting them in, they told me "they'll be in at the end of next week.... I was a little disappointed that I wasn't walking out with those beautiful colours but was fine with it you know?

2 days later, My mum was in Fairview (our local shopping mall) and she just happened to ask them if they had them in thing I know she's calling me saying "They have them, they have them"! Obviously I was very happy :) they only got 2 sets of each colour in so my mum being the lucky star that she is managed to get me the last ones :o Good job mum :)

So I got 4 of the 6 colours, I snatched up Fly, Save Me, Metallic 4 Life and Pink Friday, they are all beautiful, I'm going to do a separate review post on the collection soon.

I just wanted to show you a NOTD featuring my newly beloved Fly :)

Fly is the colour on my nails with Save Me as an accent nail. I love these together and think they look so pretty.

What's your favourite Nicki Minaj polish?


  1. I like that! So far, I only ever had the odd nail in a different colour, but the glitter is a great idea! x

  2. That colour is really pretty.


  3. Wow, I love thease nails, especially the accent nail.

    - Keyta x

  4. Love the polish!


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