Friday, November 18, 2011

Excuse Moi.......

Yes that's what I'm wearing on my nails right now, it's an OPI polish from the muppets collection which recently got released. Excuse Moi is a gorgeous warm pink with glitter. The glitter is medium sized and rainbow coloured. It's very opaque, you could get away with wearing 1 coat easily but I always prefer 2 coats. It's a lovely polish that can glam up any outfit, I felt very christmasy wearing it this week as all the shops have their christmas songs on and christmas decorations up.

It's a very unique colour and I recommend you at least look at it in a salon. It's by far my favourite glitter polish by OPI, normally I find glitter polishes very sheer, in order to have a nice even coat you really have to layer it on but surprisingly enough with Excuse Moi it speaks for itself :)

The first picture is with 1 coat and the second picture is with 2 coats.

Do you own this polish? Do you like it? and what's your favourite glitter nail varnish? 

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