Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ins & Outs ♥

Hey Girls :)

I hope you're all doing well, it's been a while. Now I'm not going to apologize for not doing blog posts lately because this is a hobby for me not a job. I guess I was stuck in a rut with blogging and had no motivation or inspration to write blog posts. I was thinking about it and I would rather do a really good detailed blog post than loads of small undetailed posts. 

I hope you guys understand and I'm sure you have felt the same way while blogging....lets face it everyone gets in a blogging rut sometimes and loses their mojo!

So here's a new post about things I'm loving at the minute :) 

Summer is finally making an appearance in Canada... The past week has been so nice....I can't wait for more sun :)

My best friend from England is coming to visit me....lots of memories to be made 

The Voice....I love this new tv show

Pitbull- Give Me Everything ft. Neyo....I love this song and it's definitely catchy, it may even be the summer tune to remember

Boscia Daily Moisture Moisturiser 

Clarisonic Mia 

Scouting for Girls....I've been listening to their older songs recently, it just reminds me of being at T4 on the beach. I miss those days!


All the good Tv shows have ended :( Boo to season finales. 

A full face of make- up....I'm not down for that now it's starting to get hotter. Tinted Moisturiser all the way :)

Wow I guess I'm not hating much this month


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