Monday, May 18, 2009

My May Wishlist

Hey Guys 

So this is all the stuff I am aiming/wishing to get this month. It's my birthday tomorrow and you never know what I will get! :)

Mac Products

*Phloof E/s
*Tempting E/s
*Soft Force E/s (Style Warrior)
*Bright Future E/s (Style Warrior) 
*Mercenary Nail Varnish (Style Warrior)
*Studio Finish Concealer (Does anyone know if this is worth getting?)
*Blush/Bronzer. (Any Suggestions?)

Sigma Brushes

These brushes are so cute. They are duplicates for Mac at a cheaper price. I think I may have to try them, as the mac brushes are quite expensive. Check their website out at 

Lily LoLo

Ok I have heard so many good reviews on this make up brand. You can buy samples of foundation, concealer and blush for 99 p. Amazing value for money.

These samples I will definately be buying.

Well that's it for my May wishlist!


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  1. I love reading other peopl's wishlists but it just means that my one keeps growing and growing with all the products I forgot I wanted! ha ha


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