Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm So Proud to be British!

Today was the day that people have been talking about for months and months......

THE ROYAL WEDDING......... People have been speculating what Kate's dress would look like, 'how she would do her hair and make up'.

I personally think she looked stunning and very princess esque, her dress was very elegant and feminine and I think it suited her as well.

This was the dress she wore for the evening reception, both her wedding and evening dress were by the late Alexander Mcqueen and are equally stunning although I prefer the evening dress just because I love big flowy dresses. Her sister's dress was also by Alexander Mcqueen.....Go British designers :)

I didn't catch the whole wedding as it was aired live at 4/5am in Canada but I watched the main highlights :) I kind of wish I went back home to Oxford or London because I think the atmosphere would be amazing there right now, everyone would be on a natural high.

Did you watch The Royal Wedding and what were your thoughts on her dress?

Congratulations Will and Kate, it was definitely an enjoyable thing to watch on TV...agreed?

*photographs were taken from Google Images

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