Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ins and Outs ♥

I haven't done one of these in a while, they are always fun to read so here goes......

The Ins
♥ Finally having a place to call home again
♥ Twilight (Yes, I think I was the only girl in the world who hadn't seen it)
♥ New Moon
♥ I'm loving the colour of my walls right now
♥ Blogging again
♥ Getting all my make up back from the container :) Good times
♥ The X Factor (Thank god for Youtube) I Olly

The Outs
♥ Being a bad blogger, moving house is kinda stressful and time consuming! I hope you forgive me!
♥ The builders still working on the house...... Grrrrr
♥ It's getting colder
♥ Waking up when it's still dark outside..... Sad times


  1. I hate waking up when its still dark & i love olly!!<3


  2. I wish they played x-factor in canada too! love your blog! xo em

  3. Yay, you have moved in!!

    I keep waking up 2 hours before I need to because it gets light here before 5am at the moment.. I would prefer the dark haha.


  4. @ Hannah.... I know it sucks but I guess it means christmas is coming :) Olly FTW

    @ Emily.... I know, I watch it on youtube every week, that's one of the things I miss from Uk...sad huh!

    Thanks hun

    @ Sarah.... Yep All moved in and loving it, Aww bless but you have nice hot weather, that's always a plus!


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