Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ins and Outs ♥


♥ New Moon... I loved it, it was so much better than Twilight

♥Taylor Lautner's body...I think the young girls in the cinema
almost died when he was in denim shorts in the rain. Bless them!

♥ It's Christmas soon....Eeeek time flys!

♥ Seeing Christmas trees and decorations up around the shops....it makes me feel happy!

♥ Awesome American Tv Shows...e.g. Glee, GG, One Tree Hill, 90210 & Supernatural

♥ Final 5 of X Factor...Olly FTW :)


♥ Early Mornings

♥ Having to think about what to get people for Christmas ( I don't really mind though)

Ok, so I don't really have many Outs, that's a good thing right?

P.s. So you all know we recently had some building work done on our new house....

I was just wondering if you girlies wanted me to do a post on that...e.g. Like what we had done,before and after shots!


  1. So glad you've moved ok :)

    I loved New Moon, can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can sit at home and watch it loads xx

  2. Im going to see new moon tomorrow and im so excited! :D I love gg one tree hill and 90210! XO

  3. i agree new moon was so much better than twilight! :)

  4. We're all New Moon geeks :-) Haha! I love it.

    I've nominated you for an award on my blog.


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