Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey My Lovelies

Guess what? I'm going to UK tomorrow for a mini vacation/hol to see my friends.... I'm so excited.

Needless to say I obviously won't be blogging while I'm over there. Maybe it will spark my inspiration.

It's my birthday next week and It's also my 1 year blog anniversary next week and I just want to take the time out to thank you guys so much, I never ever thought I would get 10 followers let alone 116! Thank you for your comments, blog awards and support! It means alot and I have met some great people on here :), so thank you, thank you , thank you muchly!

Anyway enough rambling from me, see you soon!



  1. Happy Birthday and Anniversary for next week :-)

    Have a fab fab time!


  2. Have a good time! shame the weathers so horrible :(
    Happy birthday for next week! to you and your blog :)


Your comments make my day! I <3 you all and thankyou!


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