Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love UK

So here is some pics of me dancing, drinking and having a blast to songs like OMG, Carry out, Pass Out and BedRock

I had a fantastic time in Uk..... seriously the best 11 days ever. I spent 7 days in Oxford( My Old Home) and 3 days in London Town...Good times.

I forgot how much I love and miss the people in Uk and Uk itself of course!

So what did I do I hear you ask?

Basically my days were spent hanging out with friends, shopping, watching movies and going out literally every night. That week I definitely lived the true student lifestyle just without the work. Hehe. I also spent my 20th birthday there which was amazing.

(I've included the bad pics aswell....What's a night out without the full experience right?)

(Sorry the pics are at the top..Blogger wouldn't let me move them down, is anyone else having that problem?)


  1. Looks as if you had a great time! You look so pretty in the pictures xx

  2. haha these photos made me giggle :) you look gooorgeous! glad you had a great time! :) xx

  3. @ laura... Thank you hunni, the last 3 photos I was strutting to "Single Ladies" Haha! xx

    @ India.... I really did, I loved it :), Thanks so much xx


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