Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Pink Lip?

Ladies I need YOUR advice..............

I have never been a Lipstick Lover until recently and I'm starting to expand my collection, so here's the problem....I'm a major neutral kinda gal and occasionally I want to try brighter colours like pinks and reds :)! But to be totally honest I can't decide if I can pull it off :-s Eeeek...........

So this is where you lovely people come in, I bought Mac Colour Crafted Lipstick months and months ago but haven't had the courage to slap it on until yesterday when I risked it haha!

Be brutally honest girls.....Can I make it work? 


  1. One word...YES! You look beautiful, as always x

  2. Thanks so much Laura, you are too sweet! I'll embrace the pink lip then. Thank you for your advice! :) xx


Your comments make my day! I <3 you all and thankyou!


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