Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Lush Purchases

I've been wanting to try Lush products for a while since everyone raves about them in the beauty community so much.

I used to walk past the Lush shop thinking that the shop stank and it used to give me a one day I bared through the smells and went in there and fell in love with the smell of a few products and thanks to all of your YT vids and blog posts, I knew what the top things to get were.

Unfortunately there was a huge queue in the shop as it was before the Christmas period.

So when I heard about Lush's boxing day sales, I was straight in there to test some stuff out. Who could pass up their amazing offers of "Buy 1 soap get two free and buy a holiday product and get one free"

I actually ordered it online and it arrived today.....

So heres what I got:

The Beauties:
  • I Should Coco Soap
  • Chox Away Soap
  • Rock Star Soap
  • Mr Butterball Bath Bomb
  • Cinders Bath Bomb
  • Sexy Boy Massage Bar
  • Mange Too Massage Bar
  • Strawberry Feels Massage Bar
  • Lush Massage Bar Tin
  • 2 Soap Samples of Angel Delight & Honey Waffle
I really hope I like the stuff I got, it certainly smells good, some are stronger smelling than others!

If you want me to do product reviews once I have used them, just let me know!

What are your Lush faves and what did you get in the sales?

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