Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rihanna :-)

Alot of great artists have played at Montreal recently! My friend and I decided to be spontaneous and we managed to get hold of tickets to see Rihanna & Ke$ha two days before they performed.....Yeah I was excited to say the least :-) I've always loved Rihanna and let's face it Ke$ha's a bit cool haha!

 It was a fab night, she performed so many songs, was amazing live, braced her new RED hair and danced in scandalous outfits!

If you get the chance to see her LIVE, do it! Some of the slower songs she performed, she got really emotional and started subtly crying...Eeek! (Chris Brown maybe? ...tut tut)

I took some pics and thought I would share them with you, we had pretty good seats for a concert that we thought would be sold out...hehe!

I loved her outfits and her make up was flawless :-)

Her set was also amazing, she had cars, tanks, guns, robots (a la Transformers) and a moving conveyer belt oh and women hanging from the ceiling for Te Amo!
The whole concert was amazingly put together! 

Te Amo Rihanna :-) xoxo

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