Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The August Awards

August really is the time for awards, there are so many going around which is kinda sweet! :)

So I was nominated for an award by the lovely Catanya for the "Your Imagination is a gift" award! Thank you so much, it means alot!

Isn't this just the cutest award ever, it's so pretty and girly.....I love it!

So I am going to nominate a few people who I think have an amazing imigination and show that through their blogs.

And the award goes to.........(drum roll please)

Zoella - She is such a good photographer, I love her style and am so incredibly jealous of her hair as is everyone else :)

Michelle at LipstickRules....She always asks really good questions that get you thinking and she has the cutest kids who love her make up!
Carlinn at SuperficialGirls.... Such a sweetie, she was my first blog follower <3!>

I was also nominated by the lovely Rachel at I<3that>

You have to nominate 12 blogs!

This is so hard because I love all of your blogs but I guess I have to play by the rules!

These are 12 blogs that I love and enjoy reading so much( In no particular order).....

Rachel at I <3>
Maya at PrettyThings..... I love her eye make up and FOTD

Laura at Lollipop26.......Amazing reviews and the first person I watched on youtube

Muhsine at Bubblegarm.... I love your creativity girl

Laura at TalluluhBella.... I love her outfit posts and FOTD

Nikki at Cocobella..... I love her style

Bonnie at SushiRockstar.... Such an incredibly bubbly girl...Loves it

Whit at Whitz..... She does such amazing reviews

Anna at TheStyleDiet...... She gives you great tips for your body shape and has the cutest puppy Albi

Ashley at Rantings Of A Fashion Addict.... I love her outfits and the fact they are cheap really helps..... Bargainista...hehe!

Ella at Ellacinderella.... Again I love her style and she has amazing eye lashes!

Suzie at The make up diaries..... I admire your strength and she posts about some really out there issues that have happened to her! Such a cutie!

Thank you so much girlies!

In the style of Gossip Girl xoxo


  1. For some reason it hasn't posted Rachel's blog name. It's I <3 That!

    Sorry girlie


  2. Thanks for the nomination hun! That Imagination award is super cute! xx

  3. Yeah, definitely August is the award month!!

  4. Hiya Louise! Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck. :D Cookies and Cream ice cream is yummy....


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