Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ins and Outs ♥

Hey My Lovelies

I'm back from Vermont and thought I would do an Ins and Outs post, so here goes!

♥ Summer and the weather- it's sooo nice right now!
♥ My friends from the Uk are planning a trip to come visit me.....Yay!
♥Gladiator Sandals are my new fave thing!
♥Forever 21 is opening up where I live :)!
♥Curling my hair :)
♥Winning an OPI nail polish from Lipglossgossip.....Thank you
♥All my new followers...thank you sooo much girlies, it means alot♥

Not having my besties here with me now!
Still not being able to drive!
Not having any outs for you all!


  1. aww that's nice that your friends are going to come over :) xx

  2. Im happy that your happy you won...haha! I hope you like your things! :-)


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