Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Things I'm Loving Right Now!

Hey My Lovelies

It's been so hot here today,like 33 degrees...yeah holiday weather right?

For some reason I always forget to do the monthly faves, so here is a few things I'm loving right now

L-R: Garnier Fructis Volumising Mousse (Body Boost), Bedhead Brunette Goddess Spray, Bedhead Afterparty Serum, Mac's Creme De nude, Gosh Darling 134, All That Glitters (3rd from the left)!

I will do reviews of these hair products soon!

A close up of my ATG (This is what I'm gonna call it from now on) :)

A gorgeous bracelet from Charlotte Russe (I got it when I went to Vermont)

I am loving this perfume atm, it's gorgeous and summery!

I am also loving my hair curled with my purple GHD's :) Loves it! <3

P.s. Is there anything you guys want to see on my blog? I love all the opinions and comments you girlies leave for me!



  1. Hey lovely! I have given you a blog award! Check my blog!

  2. ooo I love the Bedhead Afterparty Serum!! It works so good and smells good!

    Im selling the vera wang princess body lotion on my blog. check it out! :D

  3. Love that bracelet and your hair!

  4. @Catanya Thank you Hun, that's so sweet, I will do it soon!

    @ Aquaheart I know it smells amazing and really works! I might check it out!

    @ ShopnChomp Thanks Hun!


  5. Your hair looks awesome!! I Love the GHD. Can't wait to see the hair product reviews. :) xx

  6. I LOVE Princess by Vera Wang - Smells like exotic candy :) xx


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