Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Barely There Look

So normally you would never catch me leaving the house without make up on, but this weekend I decided I would wear a minimal amount of makeup and try the natural look.

I never thought I would have the confidence to do this, I guess previously working in a designer shop makes you think like this, because you make your self presentable for work :s

Before this discovery I would put make up on to pop to the shop or to walk my dog.....lame I know!

So here are some pics I took of my natural face.

Products Used

Face: No7 Stick Concealer in Fair
Eyes: No7 360 Lash mascara, Rimmel Eyeliner
Lips: Blistex Intensive Moisturising Lipbalm

What do you guys think? Not too scary! I think it's good to have a natural day once in a while! I guess subconsciously I thought I looked horrible without make up on but this has boosted my confidence a little.

Hope you have had a fab weekend girlies! xoxo

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  1. Beautiful! Your lashes look so long and pretty. :-)

  2. You look stunning without lots of make up on (you do with it too!), yay for natural :) xxx

  3. Thanks girlies, you are too sweet! xx

  4. I like the natural look. You truly are a natural beauty - so no need for tons of makeup :)

  5. Very pretty!! The natural look is great. :)

  6. you really are naturally gorgeous
    i admire your confidence!
    i had to run out of the house today with no makeup, not by choice, and it was the scariest experience! i felt so self conscious

  7. Thanks girlies, you guys are so cute! <3

    @Brigitte Thank you sooo much, that's the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time! xx


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