Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blog Sale Items

So about a week ago Ashley tweeted about her blog I thought I would take a little peek. She was selling so many things for such a great price....I'm surprised I didn't buy more actually.

Anyway I bought a Jemma Kidd Fashion Junkie Eyeshadow Palette and a Victoria Secret make up bag, which is the perfect size to put in my bag when I'm on the go. It's pink yay!

I love the JK palette it has 9 colours in it, basically all neutral colours with a few eye popping colours, it's the perfect palette to take your eyes from a day to night look.....I will do swatches on another post. I was expecting the palette to be bigger for some reason, but I'm glad it's not as it's a great size to put in your bag if you want to touch up during the day!

So here the piccies

The thank you card is so cute

The inside of the bag says "I Love Victoria Secret"

Colours with a flash

In natural daylight

Go check out her blog sale, there is some great bargains that need a new loving home :)

P.S. Does anyone know of any good interior design sites as I want some ideas for my new bedroom?


  1. Aww yay!!! It makes me happy when people love their goodies!!! :) xx

  2. Sweety, could you please write the link to Ashley's blog or blogsale?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Aww looks like you got some good stuff there.
    I love people's blog sales!xx

  4. @ Kitty Kouture.... Thanks so much for tweeting about it, you have tons of great stuff.

    @Catanya... I left a comment on your page telling you.

    @ Lauren I know me too, such good stuff at bargain prices. Lol


  5. Thank you lovely! I have already seen it!!


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