Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank God For Samples

So everyone has been raving about Mario Badescu lately, so I figured it must be a good company right.

So off I went to look around their website, I ended up registering and doing an online consultation about my skin type. A couple of days later they sent me an email asking me if I would like some samples according to the results of my skin type consultation. Yes please....I wasn't going to turn down free samples :)

So here's the rundown of my skintype. I have dry and sometimes sensitive skin. Mario Badecsu is known for their use of Fresh fruit, botanicals and other natural ingredients, So I'm hoping their natural ingredients will be good for my skin.

Here are the samples.....It's always good to try before you buy right?

L-R: Orange Cleansing Soap & Aloe Lotion

Orange Tonic mask & Kiwi Face Scrub (This stuff smells amazing)

The Moisture Magnet, Seaweed Nightcream & Hyaluronic Eye Cream

It comes with a leaflet instructing you how to apply their products and a product brochure.

I have had a good experience with Mario Badescu so far and I hope it stays that way :)

If anyone has tried any of these products, Let me know what you think! Are they good?

I will do a review on them once I have used them all up!


  1. That's so cool they sent you those samples! I've heard great things about that line, can't wait for the review! xx

  2. I got some samples too today! And I didn't even have to purchase anything to get them. I was quite surprised. I can't wait to try them all. Let me know how yours work out for you!

  3. Haven't tried this brand yet and I am all up for getting samples! Looking forward to your reviews... :)

  4. @CocoBella I know, not many companys do that. You should check out their website and get some samples for yourself! x

    @ Macosophy Oooh how exciting. I know I never purchased anything either. Let me know how it works for you aswell. x

    @ShopnChomp Thanks, you should get some samples, their products smell lush, very fruity! x


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