Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Bedhead Hair Review!

This is going to be a review of a hair product by Bedhead (TIGI)

I would like to introduce to you......Bed Head After Party

"A Smoothing Cream for Silky, Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair". This claims to 'Control the funky fly-aways and silk-ify your hair'

The Application: Take a small amount of the product, rub it through your fingers then smooth it through the ends of your hair (The amount can depend on how static/frizzy your hair is) So take it as your own judgement!

I was first introduced to this product by my hairdresser at my local salon. She put it on my hair after straightening and blow drying, the thing that attracted me to this product was the smell, it smells gorgeous, it's very fruity which is always nice. The cream itself is white....I know what your thinking 'Why would I put white cream in my hair', but don't panic girlies it turns clear when you apply it to your hair.

This product really does work, it keeps your hair silky, shiny and most importantly frizz free all day and the fact that it smells nice is a bonus right?

It comes in a 100 ml tube. I have had this for 4/5 months and I still have roughly 85% left, I paid £10 ($20 CAD). This will last you a really long time....I think it is amazing value for money considering how long it has lasted me and how often I use it! 

You can find most Bed Head products in many different salons. I don't know how much they cost in salons, I bought this from www.escentual.com. This website sells everything... Haircare, Make up, Perfume, Sun care at discounted prices! They are based in the UK. I highly recommend this website, they have great customer service and good delivery times which is always a bonus!

Overall I am very pleased with this product and I will continue to repurchase. So thank you to my stylist for introducing me to this wonderful product!

I'm really intrigued about their Shampoo/Conditioners, Has anyone tried them?

What are your favourite Bed Head Products?


  1. I love this stuff! It does work! :D

  2. Great review! I have pretty frizzy hair so i will have to check this out :) xx

  3. @CocoBella Thanks, It's lush, I'm pretty sure it will work on you, let me know how you get on if you do get it! x

  4. that's a great thing about the smell. i hate it when things work wonderful but the smell sucks. it just turns me off. :)

  5. I love TIGI Bedhead producs! My favs are the Headrush Shine spray and Dumb Blonde Reconstructor conditioner/treatment :) xx

  6. I love the tigi bedhead products, I think the smell is the best bit about all of them! I have one of the products that smells of the babies calpol! I love it haha!

    Might have to purchase this one to keep the winter frizz at bay.



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