Monday, September 7, 2009

My New Love For Wavy Hair and A Few New Goodies!

So this weekend I went to St Catherines to shop shop shop..... What else! Of Course I picked up a few things!

Forever 21 opened up on Saturday :), I was sooo happy and was expecting to buy loads but was so overwhelmed when I walked in there, the store is huge and the ques were massive both for the fitting rooms and the cash registers......I'm talking about a 30 minute to an hour wait for each. I just did not have the patience for that, so I think maybe another trip next weekend or online shopping!

These people must have been Forever 21 crazyyyyy!

Anyway here a few things I got from The Bay

This would look gorgeous with a waist belt and Jeans/Leggings

I Love the Colour :)

Such a cute jumper for Fall

Here is what i wore shopping that day, I really like my hair in this style. I washed my hair the night before, put them in plaits, woke up the next morning and Voila...... Hair done :) It's super easy and quick!


Your comments make my day! I <3 you all and thankyou!


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