Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tag: I Think You Are An Awesome Girl :)

I was tagged by the lovely Nikki at CocoBella. Thanks so much hun, I love your blog! :)

Ok so the rules are you let your readers know 10 things about you then tag 10 people. Simple!

The Facts
1. I am currently learning French. Oh La La! Please tell me it gets easier.

2. I am very determined, once I set my sight on something, that's it the mission has begun! Call me stubborn if you will :)

3. I love,love, love  pasta. Give me pasta any day of the week and I'm happy! I swear I was Italian       in a past life. Yummmy

4. My friends would probably describe me as bubbly, caring and enthusiastic. I have been told I am the most uncomplicated girl... Woop woop I think!

5. I really want to make a You tube Video but I'm too scared! :(

6. I'm an only child and love it! I remember wanting a brother/sister when i was younger but suddenly my opinion changed when i babysat with my mum once. This child would not stop crying! ( I was about 10 at the time)

7. I hate Tomatoes but love Tomato Soup and Tomato Ketchup.

8. I'm extremely indecisive. Your probably thinking how can I be indecisive and determined right? Well that's just me! 

9. I love animals, they are so cute!

10.I love going out, nights in with my girlies, music and Malibu..... A perfect mixture!

Wow I hope that didn't bore you! 
I am tagging

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Thanks for reading, commenting and following! xoxo

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