Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few Things Arrived......Yay! Thank god for Internet Shopping

Okay so I am sooooo happy right now, I moved into my new appartment and sitting there was 2 parcels. I couldn't wait to open them because I knew exactly what was inside. 

I introduce to you...

My Lily Lolo Samples

Okay so i got ......
Blush Away Cover up (S)
Doll Face Blush (S)
Blondie Cover up (S)
Translucent Veil Finishing Powder(S)
Candy Cane Mineral foundation (S)
Waikiki Bronzer Powder (S)
Candy Girl Mineral Blush

I'm soo happy I got the samples, the colours are so pretty! I will try them out and report back, I have heard really good things about Lily Lolo so I'm hoping this mineral collection will work for me! :)

My Sigma Brushes

Yay I can't wait to try these out, Sigma packaged it so well, you get a free elf eyeshadow with it, so cute! I bought these after I watched TiffanyD's video on Sigma brushes, they get really good reviews and are comparable to MAC and much cheaper!

Okay so the next thing i got that I have been wanting for ages is the amazing Iphone. I finally got it in White - 16 gb. It's my new love! Does anyone know how to get your own ringtones onto the iphone? I know you have to do it from clips off your itunes songs but how??? 


Your comments make my day! I <3 you all and thankyou!


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