Thursday, June 11, 2009

Naked Honey Collection :)

Guess what? ........ A new Mac collection is here.

Yes this is The Naked Honey Collection, it came out today (on the 11th of June at US and Canadian stores)

I'm loving the Highlight powders! :)

Here's the pics...

Creme De Miel Eyeshadow

Pollinater Eyeshadow

Buckwheat Eyeshadow ( This reminds me of Tempting but a tad darker)

She's a Star Lipglass

Queen Bee Lipglass

Buzz Lipglass

Golden Nectar Highlight Powder

Honey Light Highlight Powder

With this collection they have also released a moisturiser, a body wash, a salve and 2 perfumes!

The Highlight Powders are gorgeous, they have a shimmery surface, this is only on one layer as it is an overspray so once you get passed the top layer, you are left with the colour added with a small amount of shimmer.

I will definately be getting the Golden Nectar Highlight Powder, I will be using this as a bronzer as it's not too dark for my skintone (NC15/20) Paleeeeeeee I know...hehe.!

What will you be getting?

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  1. Ooh, I love how the highlight powders look like honeycombs :)

  2. @ Shopn'Chomp: I know right, so cute. Can't wait for the next trip to Mac! Mac are releasing loads of great collection this summer! :)

  3. I got (via ebay as im impatient in the uk)
    the 3 shadows, Queen Bee glass and the 2 powders.

    I really want the salve and a perfume but noone sells them online yet!!


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