Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Shopping Haul & Mac....

Hey Guys

So yesterday I went shopping along the main highstreet. It was a lovely sunny day, a perfect day to hit the shops!

So i bought some clothes and yessssssssss I popped into the beloved Mac to have a look at the Style Warrior Collection (I'm quite late with this collection, came out weeks ago and here I am looking at it now!) I'm quite liking the sound of the Naked Honey Collection coming next week! Yay!

I only got two things from this collection but I love them and may even buy some more as I love
 the packaging!

So onto the pics.

I bought these in H&M

( I also got these in Black and Yellow)

( I also got this top in Pink, Grey and Black)

Onto the Mac purchases

On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush - I'm starting to really like coral and plum shades. 
I Imagine this would give you a nice glow!

I also got Gold Rebel Lipglass - I love the gold bronze sheen it adds to your lips.

This is what I wore that day......

I'm thinking of getting the Lustre drops and the Eversun BPB.... Has anyone tried them?

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday evening


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