Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Nude Lip....

I never used to be a lipstick kinda girl but lately I'm loving a bit of a nude lip. My fave is Creme de Nude by Mac. I also want Gosh's 134: Darling but don't know whether to pay $15 for it considering it's £4-£5 in Uk! AHHHH The Troubles.......


If anyone finds a nice nude lipstick....please tell me!


  1. love the nude lip, cant wait to get my hands on gosh darling, just became a follower, check out my blog and follow if you like thanks

  2. I know you say it's mare expensive than i the uk but I would strongly reccomend getting gosh darling, it's worth it! its my HG nude lipstick!!!

  3. I think it's more expensive because they have to ship it over from Uk! Thanks Aisling.. I think you have just made up my mind! xoxo

  4. aww, so sad that you can't get your hands on gosh darling =( aint fair im from the uk and there are many things i want from the us!! Why don't you do a swap with some one from the uk??? x

  5. @Cosmeticsmile... I may just have to do that, a bit of gosh, Barry M. lol.
    Hmmm Good idea :)


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