Friday, June 26, 2009

New Shoes :)

Hey my Lovely Bloggers

Hope you are all well!

Okay so I ordered 2 pairs of shoes online from Aldo and they finally arrived. Yay.

The first pair I got are these beautiful gladiator sandals. They are a light cream/beige colour with studs along the straps and 2 big jewels on the front (they sound tacky, but they are lush and I love them.) These are perfect for summer, I may even get some more. :)

The second pair I got are some black peep toe heels, they are suede and have a 4.5 inch heel. I feel so tall when I tried them on. The detailing round the toe is beautiful and quite a classic style as you can see in the photo! Every girl needs a good pair of black heels!

These were both in the sale, the first pair was $23 and the second pair were $26. Such a bargain.

Go check out as they are having major sales at the 50% off!


  1. Love both these shoes =D, i bought some black ones the other day from new look and they look exactly like ur second pair =D x

  2. @Cosmeticsmile I used to love New Look when I lived in Uk!
    Such cute shoes.


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